The Safeway®
         for Take Off and Landing


Product Produced by
Clariant Corp and is Warehoused all over the world for easy
Distribution points.

FYVE STAR, Inc.® Distributes this product to the US Military and Government Facilities throughout the world as a small business provider for Clariant Global Corp.


Safeway® SF
NSN: 6850-01-435-6473 #400 lb drum
6850-01-434-3973 bulk

Safeway® SF Solid Runway Deicer is an advanced, environmentally friendly, granular de-/anti-icer specially engineered to allow for the efficient removal of snow and ice from airport runways and aprons. Composed of Sodium Formate and Corrosion Inhibibitors, Safeway® SF is easy to apply, acts quicly and is FAA approved for airside use


Anhydrous Solid Granular Deicer
Easily applied with conventional spreaders
Rapidly melts ice and snow
Allows snow and ice to be cleared quickly and economically

FAA approved according to AMS 1431

Performance Advantages

Melts ice and snow faster than urea and Sodium Acetate - Effective at lower temperatures (Below Zero)  Lower use rates compared to urea and sodium acetate - Irregularly shaped granules are less likely to blow away than spherical prills.

Environmental Advantages

Helps Airports meet ecological requirements.
Does not contain Chlorides, Nitrates, or triazoles.
Biodegradable with lower COD and BOD levels than urea and Sodium Acetate. 

This product is made by Clariant Corporation and Distributed to the US Military by

FYVE STAR, Inc.® is certified by the SBA as a Small, Woman-Owned, Veteran Owned Business.
Product Properties

Maximizes Requirements

Safeway® SF meets or exceeds the requirements of the internationally recognized Aerospace Materials Specification AMS 1431 for solid runway and taxiway de-/anti-icing compounds.


Safeway® SF is easily spread using a wide range of conventional equipment such as rotating plate spreaders. Safeway® SF penetrates ice and packed snow, breaking the bond with concrete or asphalt and facilitating snow-clearing operations.



Safeway® SF can be applied at a rate of 4-6 lbs/1000 ft immediately prior to the onset of precipitation. Pre-wetting with Safeway® KA or Safeway® will greatly increase effeciency.

Delivery & Storage

Safeway® SF is available in bulk dump trucks, 2205 lb (1000 kg) Super sacks or 55 lb (25 kg) bags packed 40 per pallet.

To avoid sticking and caking, Safeway® SF should be stored in a dry place.

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