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Safewing® MP I 1938
NSN: 6850-01-435-6471

Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO Aircraft Deicer

TYPE I Aircraft Deicer

Safewing MP I 1938 ECO is a modern propylene glycol based Type I De-icing fluid designed to meet all individual environmental demands.

Safewing MP I 1938 ECO is a low foaming fluid which entirely covers the aircraft surfaces.

Safewing MP I 1938 ECO is approved according to AMS 1424.

Product Properties

Composition - 88% propylene glycol
Appearance - Orange Liquid
Refractive Index at 20° C 1.423 - 1.426
pH (neat) at 20°C - 8.0-9.5
Viscosities at 20°C - mm2/s
in Service Limits - 29-31

Lowest Operational Use Temp - °C
Diluted 65:35 with water -33.5
Diluted 55:45 with water -26
Diluted 50:50 with water -17

Environment: The fluid contains a minimum amount of surfactant and a fully biodegradable, triazole-free
corrosion inhibitor package.

This gives Safewing MP I 1938 ECO a leading
environmental profile.

LC50 [96h] (rainbow trout): 4.7 g/l (OECD 203)
EC50 [24h] (daphnia magna): >10 g/l (OECD 202)
EC0 [3h] (bacteria): >25 g/l (OECD 209)

General Product Information Tech Sheet

Benefits at a Glance
Low foaming after application ensures easy identification of any remaining frozen deposits.

Excellent wetting properties avoid premature re-icing of already treated surfaces.

Improved inhibitor package allows the preparation
of fluid dilutions with water qualities of different hardness.

Fully biodegradable additive package, low surfactant content and triazole-free formulation gives superior environmental profile.

Benefits in Detail


Foam characteristics: Safewing MP I 1938 ECO was developed to include a minimum amount of surfactants which results in improved environmental properties and very low foaming characteristics.


Certification: Safewing MP I 1938 ECO is
certified according to the global standards
outlined by SAE AMS 1424.

Handling: Type I-fluids are usually applied in dilutions with water. Safewing MP I 1938 ECO includes a specific inhibitor package which allows the use of hard water while minimizing the
formation of any precipitates within the fluid.

Product is manufactured in the United States by Clariant Corporation and Distributed by
An SBA Certified Small Business, Woman-Owned, Veteran Owned, and leader in the field of deicing chemicals.

We accept no liability whatsoever for any damage resulting from improper conditions or operation of the system. This information is based upon information believed to be reliable and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed. The quality of our product is guaranteed under our General Conditions of Sale.
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