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Safewing® MP IV LAUNCH
NSN: 6850-01-450-4747

                                   General Product Info Tech Sheet
Safewing® MP LAUNCH  TYPE IV Aircraft Deicer is your preferred choice for a modern 
de-/icing fluid. Due to its outstanding shear stability and product properties this fluid is setting new standards among the aviation industry. This propylene glycol based fluid can be applied hot or cold, neat or diluted.

Safewing® MP LAUNCH is designed to combine a low viscosity profile with an outstanding product performance.

Safewing® MP LAUNCH is approved according to AMS 1428

Benefits at a Glance

New Formulation Gives:

Extended Holdover Time at all Weather Conditions.

Low Viscosity profile minimized air entrapment and gives enhanced fluid elimination during take-off.

Low Residue formulation maximized fluid elimination and minimized the formulation of rehydrated residues.

Excellent shear stability enables compatibility with most spraying equipment and spray nozzles.

Low Surfactant content gives low foaming during application resulting in easier handling.

Fully Biodegradable additive package, low surfactant content and triazole-free formulation gives superior environmental profile
Product Properties


The fluid contains a minimum amount of surfactant and a fully biodegradeable, triazole-free corrosion inhibitor package. This gives Safewing® MP LAUNCH a leading environmental profile.

LC50 [96h] (Rainbow Trout) 2.4 g/l (OECD 203)
EC50 [24h] (Daphnia Magna) 1.4 g/l (OECD 202)
EC0 [3h] (Bacteria) 21 g/l (OECD 209)

Safewing® MP LAUNCH
is manufactured in the United States by Clariant Corporation and distributed by
FYVE STAR, Inc.® a Certified Small, Woman-Owned, Veteran Owned Business.
Benefits in Detail


Holdover Time: Safewing® MP LAUNCH was designed to number among the strongest fluids of its class. Outstanding holdover times offer an extra safety margin to Winter Operations

Holdover Times (Snow or Snow Grains 100/0) Transport Canada Holdover Time Guidelines Winter 2007-2008

Handling: Safewing® MP LAUNCH not only belongs to the most shear stable fluids of its class, but additionally produces a minimum amount of rehydrated residues.

Liquid Runway Deicer - Potassium Acetate

NSN: 6850-01-341-9856

Safeway® KA is certified to the latest version of the global standards outlined by SAE AMS 1435.

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