Safeway® KA Liquid Runway Deicer

The Safeway® for Take Off and Landing
Liquid Runway Deicer - Potassium Acetate
NSN: 6850-01-341-9856

Performance Advantages

Safeway® KA - Liquid Runway Deicer is an advanced acetate based runway de-icing solution. This formulation gives the fluid an outstanding wetting performance, ensuring maximum surface coverage, optimizing friction values and anti-/de-icing performance, as well as reducing corrosion and environmental impact

Maximized Runway Friction

The aim of all de-icers is to maximize the runway friction during all plane movements at airports. Safeway® KA provides best friction values as shown below.
Maximizes Efficiency

The ability of a fluid to melt ice is critical to de-icer performance. The more ice a fluid can melt, the more effectively it will perform in its role as a deicer.

This characteristic can be demonstrated as ice melt capacity. The Safeway® KA formulation provides an excellent ice melt capacity, as shown below

Maximum Endurance

The Safeway® KA formulation results in an even coating of the fluid on the runway surface. This helps to prevent the build up of ice occurring between micro-droplets of sprayed fluid.

A uniform surface coating increases anti-icing performance and also facilitates the mechanical removal of ice/slush during winter operations. Safeway® KA, tested in artificial snow with NCAR Snow Maker of APS Aviation Inc. shows a clear endurance time benefit

Maximizes Cost Benefits to the Airport

Extended endurance times and ease of ice/slush removal optimized time, personnel, fuel and operational costs. During periods of precipitation every minute the runway surface maintains its friction performance is absolutely vital. Using the right fluid during winter operations will optimize airport traffic and minimize costly delays. The optimized environmental profile of Safeway® KA reduces the costs of expensive runway effluent treatment.

Maximizes Environmental Benefits

New and developing environmental legislation requires that airports manage their effluent streams and ensure minimum environmental impact. Safeway® KA has a significantly lower Chemical Oxygen Demand than its organic counterparts for example: Glycol based formulations and Urea. Decreasing the COD greatly reduces the cost of effluent treatment at the airport facility
Maximized Corrosion Protection

Safeway® KA maximizes material comptability due to the unique corrosion inhibitor system, fulfilling and exceeding the global standard as defined by SAE AMS 1435.


Safeway® KA can be applied using conventional spray trucks. The amount of Safeway® KA must be adjusted according to the weather situation and runway condition.


Safeway® KA is certified to the latest version of the global standards outlined by SAE AMS 1435.

Delivery & Storage

Safeway® KA is available in bulk tank trucks and totes. It can be stored in tanks made of stainless steel, alkaline resistant plastic or mild steel coated with synthetic resin. Always use properly labeled tanks to prevent possible contamination.
Product Properties

Safeway® KA further environmental benefits:

Chloride, Nitrate, Nitrite and Triazole Free

Low Toxicity to Flora and Fauna

Helps Airport Facility's meet Ecological Requirements

Easily Biodegradable

Safeway® KA is manufactured in the United States by Clariant Corporation. All images used on this tech sheet have been approved for reuse.

It is distributed by FYVE STAR, Inc.®
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