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What happens at the
PYTI Parties -
Stays at the PYTI Parties!

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Perfecting Yourself Through Interaction - Executive Women's Network

As an Executive Woman in a Corporate environment I found myself attending functions and meeting fabulous Women that all said the same thing - I wish this was for fun and not for work. I come to these things and meet great people but I only see them in a professional environment. I wish we had a place... 

I don't have a lot of down time so I need to be selective. 

As a CEO or Executive, Lawyer, Physician, (whatever your passion) I would hear - I don't have a social network of like minded strong women. 

At first we set out to buy a building and turn it into a Women's Networking Social Center complete with activities desk, event planners, coffee/tea hub, meeting rooms for events like Birthday parties, Art Showings, Fashion Shows, and the likes of nothing Utah has seen. 

But with the economy we changed directions. We knew all of the women but needed a place to gather. We decided that the location could change every time and that most of our Executive's had great locations already at their fingertips. We have so many great ideas brewing! A Spring Fling, A Park City Over nighter, Garden Parties, etc... 

With this the PYTI Party was born.

A Social Network where you actually visit in person without your computer!

If you like hanging out with friends, helping great causes, making new friends, laughing, sharing stories, dancing, mingling, snacking, networking, getting away from it all - then by all means this group is for you. After all it is our goal: 
Perfecting Yourself Through Interaction = PYTI 
Invitation Only - Be Invited...
Every party has a different theme and location. We are always looking for suggestions and locations. If you would like to host a party or be a part of the planning committee please contact us with your ideas. We are here to make a difference.We welcome your opinions. We encourage diversity!
You can see from the photos that we have women of all age's coming together to socially interact. We do not cater to one specific demographic. All of these women are FABULOUS. Each of us have something to offer and we all have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. Many of our Group members have actually created opportunities within their own lives based on what happened at the PYTI Party.
We are all movers, shakers, minglers, and like-minded women. We all share many interests but during the party we  just step outside of our own stressful day to day life structures and have a great time together.  When its over we are  already pumped for the next time.  Afterwards, its back to reality. See you at the next event!