Clariant Corp is one of the worlds largest Chemical Suppliers with Plants all over the world. They currently supply airports worldwide. If you need it we can meet your requirement.

FYVE STAR, Inc.® the Military Distribution arm for Clariant American Division

FAA Approved Deicers available in the US

and way Beyond...

Safeway® SF  Solid Runway Deicer
 Sodium Formate

NSN: 6850-01-435-6473
#400 lb drum
6850-01-434-3973 bulk

Sodium Formate FAA approved
according to AMS 1431

Safewing® MP IV LAUNCH
NSN: 6850-01-450-4747

Safewing® MP LAUNCH is approved
according to AMS 1428

Safewing® MP I 1938
NSN: 6850-01-435-6471


Safewing MP I 1938 ECO is a modern propylene glycol based Type I De-icing fluid
is approved according to AMS 1424.

Safeway KA Liquid Runway Deicer
Safeway® KA
Liquid Runway Deicer - Potassium Acetate

NSN: 6850-01-341-9856

Safeway® KA is certified to the latest version of the global standards outlined by SAE AMS 1435