Clariant Corp is one of the worlds largest Chemical Manufacturers with Plants all over the world.  Recently merged with Huntsman Chemical they currently supply airports worldwide. As a proud partner If you need it we can meet your requirement!

FYVE STAR, Inc.® the Military Distribution arm for Clariant American Division

FAA Approved Deicers available in the US

and way Beyond...

Safeway® SF  Solid Runway Deicer
 Sodium Formate

NSN: 6850-01-435-6473
#400 lb drum
6850-01-434-3973 bulk

FAA approved according to AMS 1431

Safewing® MP IV LAUNCH
NSN: 6850-01-450-4747

Safewing® MP IV LAUNCH 
This propylene glycol based fluid can be applied hot or cold
neat or diluted. 
Safewing® MP IV LAUNCH is approved according to AMS 1428.
Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80)
NSN: 6850-01-435-6471

Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80) is a modern propylene glycol basedtype I de-icing fluid. Meets or exceeds the requirements of the latest revision of
FAA Approved AMS 1424

Safeway KA Liquid Runway Deicer
Safeway® KA
Liquid Runway Deicer - Potassium Acetate

NSN: 6850-01-341-9856

Safeway® KA HOT BLUE is an efficient

de-icing fluid for runways and aprons that meets or exceeds the current strict ecological requirements  SAE AMS 1435