FYVE STAR, Inc.® is proud to partner with several other companies from every corner of the United States so when the need is URGENT we can be close at hand. When disaster happens waiting is the worst thing!

is a WBE/DBE Certified Small Business. 

We are a start up Woman-Owned, Proud Veteran Owned Business, with over 25 years experience working with EVERY kind of property to include Major or Small Airports, Military, Maritime Shipyards, Rail and Subway Systems. 

Products are sold in pallets only please

Remember Cover your concrete so you can CYA

Slips and falls are costly!!
Safety First....

               Snow & Ice Melter - Deicers

                          As you can see we have lots to choose from

                               IF YOU NEED IT WE CAN GET IT
Every property is different. Average Low Temperatures, Snow Accumulation, Sun Exposure, Freeze Thaw Cycles, Commercial, Residential, we have a variety of products to choose from. We have partners and Distribution Points   located throughout the US. Take your pick - then give us a call!
*Disclaimer  “Product selection can vary from region or even state to state. 
Please ask for more information.”
Excel Calcium Chloride

Traction Melt Bag

Driveway Heat Jug
Driveway Heat
Road Runner Bag
Excel Calcium Chloride 50 Box Available Limited Areas Please inquire

Traction Melt Box

Aspen Ice Melt
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Mag Pellets / Truckloads only please

You want it Blended Your way? We do that!

Industrial Strength Deicer Bag

This product is readily available in Utah and surrounding areas...
Custom Blend

De-icing Salt Bag

Pet Friendly Ice Melt
Available in limited areas  Please inquire
Road Runner Pail

FYVE STAR, Inc.® has been selling Snow & Ice Melter Products since 1991 and in that time we have made many friends to include our competitors who gladly let our company represent their fine products. We guarantee that you will find the deicer that you are looking for - if not we would be glad to help you find it or figure a way to duplicate it!  We go out of our way to make you our number one concern.