Welcome to the World of FYVE STAR, Inc.®
What separates us from our Competitors?
As a Veteran of the US Army, and a former Civic leader vetted by the US Air Force to TDY often to the Pentagon and work beside the US AIR FORCE Chief of Staff - Dual Hatted - Air Force Reserve Commander MAJCOM Warner Robins where I served at the 3 star level to work as a bridge to the civilian families and employers and other ops.

I am a Woman that started a business and had a vision and it is simple:

WE ARE NOT THE BIG DOGS. We are a humble SMALL Business capable of giving one on one service to our clients 24/7 under contract.

We are able to expedite the purchasing because of our buying relationships. Our turnaround is much faster and very streamlined.
Government Contract Specialists for since 1993
We know what it takes to get the job done!
As the Seasons Change - Our Products Change....
Please ask
Year round sales are very appreciated.

Don't forget to enjoy life!
Thanks to all...

Welcome to FYVE STAR, Inc.®
FYVE STAR, Inc.®  provides Products and Services Specifically to the Government and US Military, with an emphasis on Deicing and Chemicals. 

In the Warm Months we provide farming and growing chemicals and solutions. We are very diversified and capable of selling or servicing almost anything, we are master connectors and industry experts, we are continuously talking about the changing needs of our buyers. 
 Do you have a Special requirement? 
Quit waisting your time. We got you. 
Our Primary Source of Business is working with buyers trying to procure products used in the Cold Area Climates to Control Snow & Ice during winter. In the Warm Months we supply Other Key Chemicals for maintenance and prevention. We have a vast array of Manufacturers that we work with so we will take the time out of "Shopping Around."  We are a Master Distributor of these products and have very competitive pricing.

Many Military RFQ's are set-aside for Small Business, Woman Owned Business or Veteran Owned Business ONLY.
We meet those requirements.

We are experienced with the FAR and feel more than capable of meeting your expectations. In fact we will strive to exceed them! After more than 25 years working in the industry we have made lasting relationships and are able to supply you with VERY Competitive Pricing.  Please Contact us for more information.

          FYVE STAR, Inc.® is a Woman Owned Small Business est. 1991 
SBA Certified - UUCP Utah Unified Certification Program
Veteran Owned
                                                     WOSB Certified
 ORCA Updated and on file
                                                    Cage Code 038J6
  25+ Years Experience working with Government Contracting.

                                                    WAWF Trained
97% ABVS Score

We Distribute some of the finest products used in the Commercial Farming and Military Airline Industry, Mass Transit Authority's, Bridge Construction Companies, Mining, Agriculture, Maritime Docks and Shipyards, City and Counties Nationwide.

All are FAA Approved ASTM Rated, Type 1, Type IV, Runway Deicers, Deicing / Anti-icing Fluids, E36®, NAAC®, Solid, Liquid, Calcium Chloride to the DOD, CMA, Ice Melters, Snow & Ice FYTER®, AMS Specifications 1428, 1421, 1424, 1431, 1435, SMI Certified.  
Our Goal is Simple - Provide the best product, at the best value to the customer, and to keep our citizens safe from slips and falls on icy surfaces during the winter. Safety First!!!
FYVE STAR, Inc. is into cause marketing. To find out more about the Spin off Organization that was born under the same roof. Partnering with those Watching for Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Honoring our Women in Uniform and the men that love them...
SHEROES United 501(c)(3) Certified