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Now is the time to stock up on product for the upcoming season. Supplies going into the 2014 season are going to be limited. Some of the vendors out there are already on allocation. Please be prepared.

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NEWSFLASH!!! Calcium Chloride is in short supply. Some companies are already allocating product for the upcoming season. If you are a purchaser of Calcium Chloride you may want to purchase pre-season as supply and demand will not only drive up costs, but make it more difficult to find.

All we can say is WOW! What a strange Winter it was. The East Coast took one of the biggest hits ever! Thank you to all of our teams that were able to step forward and move product in this life changing season. With Railroads haulted because of frozen switches, and bridges and roads completely iced over it is nothing short of a miracle that any product was moved. Again thank you for all of the extra effort. And to those caught off guard WITHOUT product. Another reminder it is better to order ahead than to be caught waiting because weather is not an exact science.
Tips and Helpful Hints on Preparing Deicing Operations for Warm Weather
This has been quite a winter! At times it has seemed like it would never end, but spring is coming, and soon we will return our deicing product and equipment to storage for safe keeping until next fall. To help keep things in working order over the summer months, we would like offer a few helpful tips to prepare your deicing operations for the warm weather ahead.

Sprayers should be emptied - recommend returning uncontaminated product to storage, clean spray truck inside the tanks, hoses, pumps and outside surfaces with warm soapy water prior to putting away for the winter season.

Spreader Trucks- be sure solid deicers are unloaded from trucks into inside bulk piles. Wash inside and outside of spreader bed and truck surfaces prior to putting away for the winter season.

Bulk Storage Warehouse - should be checked for water tightness; bulk deicers should be swept up to the pile and covered with a thin plastic cover during hot humid weather prior to the winter season to prevent crusting or caking.

Winter Maintenance Plan - review and make changes to the winter maintenance plan and winter emergency procedures as necessary based on past winter maintenance activities with input and coordination of all airport departments.
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Our Primary Source of Business is working with buyers trying to procure products used in the Cold Area Climates to Control Snow & Ice during winter. In the Warm Months we supply Other Key Chemicals for maintenance and prevention. We have a vast array of Manufacturers that we work with so we will take the time out of "Shopping Around."  We are a Master Distributor of these products and have very competitive pricing.

Many Military RFQ's are set-aside for Small Business, Woman Owned Business or Veteran Owned Business ONLY. We meet those requirements.

We are experienced with the FAR and feel more than capable of meeting your expectations. In fact we will strive to exceed them! After more than 20 years working in the industry we have made lasting relationships and are able to supply you with VERY Competitive Pricing.  Please Contact us for more information.

          FYVE STAR, Inc.® is a Woman Owned Small Business est. 1991 
SBA Certified - UUCP Utah Unified Certification Program
Veteran Owned

                                          WOSB Certified
 ORCA Updated and on file
                                         Cage Code 038J6
  23+ Years Experience working with Government Contracting.

                                          WAWF Trained
97% ABVS Score

Spring is upon us - Please do your tank maintenance now and keep supply levels at a Safe Operating Level - Remember Mission First - You must be Mission Capable.
We Distribute some of the finest products used in the Commercial and Airline Industry. All are FAA Approved Runway Deicers, Deicing / Anti-icing Fluids, ASTM Rated, Type 1, Type IV, E36®, NAAC®, Solid, Liquid, Supplier of Calcium Chloride to the DOD, CMA, Ice Melters, Snow & Ice FYTER®, AMS Specifications 1428, 1421, 1424, 1431, 1435, SMI Certified. 

We have been the PROUD Military and Government Distribution arm for
Cryotech Deicing Technology (CDT) since 1994.

FYVE STAR, Inc.®  is Certified as a Woman-Owned, Veteran Owned, Small DBE Business. We are CCR Certified, ORCA Updated, our ABVS Score is 97%. We work daily with DFAS, DLA, and Government Contracting Specialists. We are trained to work with WAWF and know Government Contracting needs. We are trained professionals.

Our Mission has been to provide Quality Products, Outstanding Service, Fair Pricing, and long term stability. In other words we work for your respect!

FYVE STAR, Inc.® is proud to work with some of the most leading edge companies in the industry. If you think you have a product that you would like for us to know about please feel free to contact us!
Please let us find you the product you need for your particular environment. We have done this for over 20 years and we want to take the guess work out of your purchase. We are honest and we will go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are covered. Our Goal is Simple - Provide the best product, at the best value to the customer, and to keep our citizens safe from slips and falls on icy surfaces during the winter. Safety First!!!
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